About The Cook — Ann Fulton

The Fountain Avenue Kitchen was my grandmother’s kitchen, the kitchen where I first pulled up a stool and watched the magic of turning basic, fresh ingredients into culinary wonders.  The cooking style wasn’t fussy, but it was wholesome, delicious and affordable.  As I sat around her oil-cloth covered kitchen table, I began to understand that cooking was one of the many ways my grandmother showed her love of all those around her.

I joked that she was “green” before being green was politically correct.  She reused her  paper towels and washed her plastic bags…when she finally stopped wrapping sandwiches in wax paper, that is.  She never wasted a thing!  Having lived through the rationing of the Depression and World War II, her generation learned to pickle watermelon rinds, make jams and jellies, can and freeze vegetables, and make applesauce and home baked breads.  While we will never return to that era, there is much we can learn from that special generation.

The fabulous thing is that home cooking can be “fast food” and healthy can equal delicious.  Through today’s Fountain Avenue Kitchen, I hope to inspire people to try a new recipe, learn a new technique and eat more vegetables and wholesome grains….but still enjoy a little dessert now and then.  Pull up your chair and join me in The Fountain Avenue Kitchen!


Ann’s Fountain Avenue Kitchen column appears bi-weekly in The Lancaster Sunday News.  She is also a regular contributor to Susquehanna Style magazine and Fig Magazine.


2014 Stonyfield Organic Clean Plate Club

2013 Sargento Cheese Flavor Journey Correspondent

2013 Gulf Coast Seafood Top 100 Seafood Blogger

2013 Emcee for Lancaster General Health’s “Be a Heart Smart Woman” event

Awards:  2012 Smart Balance Blogger Recipe Challenge winner for Crunchy Top Apple Cinnamon Baked Oatmeal recipe.

…And these are the special guys who eat most of the food and make every day worthwhile!