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When I started my Facebook Blog in January of this year, I had never really been a Facebook-er. Although I had an account, I had never posted a thing; I really just used it to reconnect with old friends and occasionally commented on other peoples’ photos.  Nor had I clued in to that little “like” button.

Once I started posting recipes, I developed a keener interest in other people’s blogs, both cooking related and otherwise.  I also developed a sincere appreciation for all those old and new friends who took the time to “like” my page.  That people would take a moment to comment on my photo or recipe really meant something…still does.  Friends telling me they cooked one of my recipes, even texting or emailing me a photo of the finished product, truly delights me every time!

Sitting around the dinner table one evening, I wondered aloud how long it would take to get to 1,000 likes. Everyone decided that milestone was reasonable in a year or so.  As the weeks ticked by and I kept cooking, I decided my secret milestone was really 925 because this was the house number of the original Fountain Avenue Kitchen, where my grandmother inspired me with her love of cooking and her genuine spunk and passion for life.

Although I live on a different street, the memories of Fountain Avenue are crystal clear.  Sharing a little piece of what began there, a generation ago, with all of you is something special.  I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the comments, the encouragement, the “shout outs”, the friendships and, of course, the “likes.”  Every time I delete a post because I forget to save it, let dinner get cold as I try to take a good picture, or eat the item I meant to photograph, it’s all okay because, ultimately this has been fun…and a great way to connect with old friends and new through the love of cooking…and eating, and sharing, and laughing.

I value all 925 of you and look forward to each and every time you pop through the Fountain Avenue Kitchen door!

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