Peanut Butter Pinecone Bird Feeders
When giving as a gift, I place the pinecone in a plastic bag and then secure with the decorative ribbon sticking out of the top. That way, the ribbon doesn't get mashed or coated with peanut butter and any falling birdseed will be easily contained.


  • pine cones
  • peanut butter
  • birdseed
  • string
  • optional: floral wire and ribbon


  1. To help with clean up, lay newspaper down on your work area.
  2. Spread peanut butter over the pinecone, getting in all the little crevices. I like to give my kids a plastic knife which makes for easy clean up, too.
  3. Put a cupful of birdseed in a plastic bag (I use a grocery store bag, just make sure there are no holes in it), then place the pinecone inside and gently shake to coat.
  4. Remove the pinecone and tie a piece of string or floral wire around the top stem of the pinecone. It is helpful to wind it around a couple of times to secure it well.
  5. If desired, tie with a pretty ribbon and hang from a tree!

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