5-Ingredient No-Churn Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

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by Ann on 29/08
5-Ingredient No-Churn Vanilla Ice Cream

I can still picture my grandfather packing rock salt into the barrel of his old ice cream maker when I was a kid. My sister and I would… Read More »

Easy Chicken Burrito Bowls

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by Ann on 22/08
Easy Chicken Burrito Bowls

There’s a well-known restaurant that is famous for its burrito bowls, and I can see why. The flavorful all-in-one meal offers a high degree of customization and it’s… Read More »

Peach Ginger Shrimp Kabobs

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by Ann on 19/08
Peach Ginger Shrimp Kabobs

I first shared this twist on my Apricot Ginger Shrimp in a Susquehanna Style magazine spread featuring peaches last summer.  Though I have made this new-and-improved recipe many… Read More »

Chili Lime Chicken (an easy wet rub with big flavor)

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by Ann on 15/08
Chili Lime Chicken with Chipotle Lime Crema

When it comes to food preparation, I sometimes worry that I do too much for my kids. Most mornings, I have breakfast ready for them instead of letting… Read More »

Blend Away the Summer… with a Blendtec Giveaway!

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by Ann on 14/08

  As far as I’m concerned, summer is whizzing by a little too quickly!  Happily, my boys are home from camp and our house is full of activity,… Read More »

Chipotle Lime Crema

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by Ann on 12/08
Chipotle Lime Crema

Fashioned after a friend’s recipe for lime crema, which she uses as an awesome finishing touch on her chili, this easy sauce adds the smoky heat of a… Read More »

Flounder with Bacony Corn

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by Ann on 08/08
Flounder with Bacony Corn

At its best, summer cooking should be light yet satisfying, keep the heat to a minimum, and include lots of shortcuts. Realistically, we want to eat well without… Read More »

Summer of Kitchenaid Sweepstakes

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by Ann on 05/08

Who doesn’t enjoy a cool, creamy summer treat…perhaps in a cone?  For many of us, some of our best summer memories involve regular trips to the ice cream… Read More »

Peach Iced Tea

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by Ann on 05/08
Peach Iced Tea

Our love of peach tea began when I started canning peaches with a manageable small-batch recipe.  There’s always some simple syrup leftover, but this leftover syrup is not… Read More »

Chocolate Zucchini Bread

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by Ann on 01/08
IMG_6056 - Version 2

If I told you that I have a recipe for a baked good that omits dairy, gluten, and refined sugar, words like cardboard and yuck might come to… Read More »