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Chipotle Turkey Lentil Chili

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by Ann on 28/02
Chipotle Turkey Lentil Chili

With their own distinct crusts and toppings, various cities and restaurant chains lay claim to the best pizza. Most moms have their own unique twist on meatloaf, and… Read More »

3-Ingredient Pizzadillas

In Easy Meals, Gluten-Free Options, Make/Prep-Ahead Recipes, Pizza & Sandwiches, Snacks
by Ann on 25/02

Thirty minute meals are convenient, but sometimes we need to crank out some seriously fast–or just plain fun–food.  Enter the pizzadilla! Paired with a side salad or a… Read More »

No-Bake Energy Bites (healthy yet taste a lot like cookie dough!)

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by Ann on 21/02

In a bold moment a few years back, I decided to give up ice cream for Lent. It was a test of sorts, as I seriously wondered if… Read More »

Easy Yogurt Cream Cheese

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by Ann on 18/02
Easy Yogurt Cream Cheese

Yogurt “cheese” really isn’t cheese at all.  It’s simply yogurt that has been thickened into a soft, cream cheese-like consistency…and it’s delightful on your morning bagel or in recipes… Read More »

Fudgy Yogurt Brownies

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by Ann on 14/02
Fudgy Yogurt Brownies

Brownies with no eggs, no oil, and lots of protein… Hmmmm.  Believe it or not, they taste great, too. These homemade treats are just as decadent as “regular”… Read More »

Seriously Delicious Gluten-Free Crispy-Top Mac & Cheese

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by Ann on 11/02

My younger son suffered through strep throat nine times before he was 18 months old, endured pneumonia twice before he finished pre-school, had his tonsils and adenoids removed… Read More »

Yogurt Bran Muffins

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by Ann on 04/02
Yogurt Bran Muffins

Do you have a favorite community cookbook?  I have a few, which I enjoy reading from time to time.   The recipes are like a slice into someone… Read More »

Chopped Kale Salad with Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette (with an easy Meyer lemon substitute)

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by Ann on 31/01
Chopped Kale Salad with Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette...and an easy substitute for Meyer lemon juice

Could you use a salad that really satisfies as you’re buried under layers of clothes, existing on comfort foods, with the slightest notion of shorts weather months away?… Read More »

Maple Tamari Roasted Almonds and Cashews

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by Ann on 28/01

These tasty little bites are a sweet-and-savory spin on my classic recipe for Tamari Almonds.  People often use tamari as a gluten-free option to soy sauce, but after reading… Read More »

3-Ingredient Mexican Cheese Bites

In Appetizers, Egg Dishes, Gluten-Free Options, Snacks
by Ann on 24/01

Mrs. Renfro’s Salsa has kindly offered to give 4 jars of salsa to each of 3 lucky readers. Winners may choose from any of the varieties in their online… Read More »