After several years of cooking gluten-free foods–not exclusively, but often–I have tested various flour combinations as a substitute for wheat flour in baking.  I have also experimented with quite a number of substitutes for bread crumbs or panko.  Oats, corn flakes, gluten-free bread, cornmeal and ground nuts–or a combination of these–have all gone through the unofficial Fountain Avenue Test kitchen.  The one I like the best, would you believe, is Rice Chex!

Three cups of Rice Chex will crush into approximately one cup of crumbs.  I typically use my mini-processor to make quick work of the grinding, although a rolling pin and a zipper-top bag works well, too.  Another great option to the zipper-top bag is the actual bag the cereal comes in.  Although this may pose a problem with a full box of cereal, if you are getting towards the bottom of the box, this bag makes a sturdy vehicle in which to crush your crumbs.

I have used crushed Rice Chex in place of the bread crumbs in foods like crab cakes and meatloaf (oats work well in these recipes, too), but where I really think they shine is as an exterior breading.  My favorite recipe in which to use the crumbs this way is Roasted Asparagus with Panko.  Dare I say I might like this dish better with the Rice Chex?!

For my All Purpose Gluten-Free Flour Blend, which I use in almost all baking, click here.