Doctored Up Hummus

By Ann Fulton

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A simple hack will elevate store-bought hummus, making it creamier and more flavorful – with a little extra protein too!


We can all use the occasional shortcut, right? And when that shortcut happens to pull double duty as a healthy, convenient snack and a delicious, last-minute appetizer, all the better!

My older son is a major league hummus fan, and it’s a staple in his school lunches. As a mom of teenage boys, it’s an ongoing challenge to send them to school with enough food to get them through the day.

With sports and music practices, school days can be long. I love that hummus provides a wholesome, protein-rich addition to a packed lunch, but amidst everything else, I can’t always meet the demand with homemade hummus.

Enter the hummus hack.

Good store-bought hummus is easy to find these days, and it can be even better with about 60 seconds of doctoring. A few spoonfuls of yogurt add creaminess and a hint of tang to the store-bought container, lending it a decidedly homemade taste in the blink of an eye. The piece de résistance, however, is the crowning sprinkle of smoked paprika.  

Heralding from Spain, this spice’s smoky sweetness adds singular flavor to dips, chicken, sweet potatoes, and more. Some people ask if regular paprika can be substituted. It can–but it won’t impart the special flavor notes that only come from its smoked sister. (For a complete explanation on the various types of paprika, click here.)  When working with smoked paprika’s assertive flavor, I often rely on the earthy notes of ground cumin to play a supporting role. 

Regulars to my blog are familiar with my ongoing partnership with Stonyfield yogurt. For those who may not know, this awesome company (part of their cool story here…and details of one of my visits here) partners with a group of food blogger throughout the year in an effort to shine a light on like-minded companies that are doing great things.  My role is to form a link by creating a recipe with products from both companies.   

Stonyfield kicked off 2017 with Simply Organic. In addition to selling high quality organic spices, Simply Organic gives back 4% of its annual net savings to charitable causes and aims to improve life in communities all around the world. What’s more, Stonyfield rung in the New Year with a new product. Double Cream yogurt is the most accurate yogurt substitute I’ve found to date for sour cream. It can also be used in place of mayonnaise, cream, cream cheese, and oil in a variety of recipes. I even substituted it for the nut butter I typically use in a simple muffin recipe with good results. The fat content is higher than regular full fat yogurt, which is why it’s more versatile in baking.

Double Cream yogurt is currently available at Whole Foods, but not to worry if it isn’t available where you shop. The following hummus “recipe” can be made with your favorite yogurt. I prefer Greek, and any fat content will work. A higher fat content provides a smoother flavor; nonfat delivers a bit more tang. Regular, non-Greek yogurt can be used if you prefer a thinner hummus. This is actually a good idea if you’d like to use the hummus as a dressing. (More on that in the weeks ahead! 😀)

A simple hack will elevate store-bought hummus, making it creamier and more flavorful – with a little extra protein too!

A simple hack elevates store-bought hummus, making it creamier and more flavorful – with a little extra protein too!

Doctored Up Hummus
Healthy snacking and easy appetizers are suddenly extra easy with this clever shortcut.

Yield:  10 servings
  • 1 (10-ounce) container of prepared hummus*
  • 3 tablespoons Greek yogurt
  • Sriracha sauce, optional
  • Smoked paprika and cumin
  • For serving:  cucumbers, carrots, celery, pita chips (omit if gluten-free), etc.
  1. Stir the Greek yogurt into the prepared hummus until thoroughly combined.  If you’d like the hummus to be even creamier, you may add additional yogurt, to taste.  And if you like a little heat in your hummus, add a squirt or two of sriracha, tasting to determine your preferred amount.
  2. Transfer the hummus to a small serving bowl, and give it a nice sprinkle of smoked paprika and cumin.  (If you’re looking for a precise amount, just pretend like you’re sprinkling something with salt and pepper.  If you love it as much as I think you might, you can add more once the top layer has been devoured!)  Serve with veggies and chips of choice.
  • *Simply adjust the amount of yogurt up or down if your container size is different.
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Thanks to the flavorful “material” that was provided to me, I was able to create several delicious recipes in addition to this simple shortcut hummus. Fun side note:  It was decided a few days ago that the new recipes will be served at a luncheon I am emceeing for heart health month in February. I’ll publish them here after the event!

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  1. Mary Post author

    I made this today and it’s awesome! I love the added creaminess and the smoked paprika is a delicious addition!