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Written by: Ann Fulton

Kitchen Design Ideas

As I choose kitchens to share from week to week, I imagine what the feedback from my loyal readers will be. Oftentimes, I’m right; other times you surprise me! Which will it be this month?

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With its bright pop of blue, the island in this contemporary kitchen makes a statement and offers a color contrast amidst the clean white cabinetry and warmer tones of the wood paneled refrigerator and leather stools. How do you rate this week’s featured space? Kitchen by Design 4 Corners


In a small kitchen, maximizing storage and efficiency is key. Does this design accomplish that? And how do you like the overall aesthetic? Photo credit: Architectural Digest


Designer and FAK friend Rachel Humphreys graciously shared one of her recent kitchen designs for us to discuss. What are your thoughts on this bright, open space? What would you add if you moved in?


Design by Rob Diaz, Faucets by Watermark Designs:


Good storage is key, and this kitchen design aimed to provide it. (There’s even a laptop storage spot. Can you see it?) How do you rate this week’s featured space on storage and overall aesthetics?


A longtime reader shared this week’s kitchen, which includes an island with an attached breakfast table. What do you think of this feature and the overall design?
And special thanks to Sue! Photo source: Cozy Home Shots

Kitchen Design



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