Healthier Homemade Cafe Mocha

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When I first started drinking coffee, I drank it black.  When kids came along and the play groups started, I was introduced to flavored creamers.  Then, Starbucks appeared on every street corner with their mochas and macchiatos.  Black coffee?

To get around the hydrogenated fat in the flavored creamers and the four dollar price tag of the coffee house drinks, I started mixing my own caffeinated drinks and have discovered a few hot and cold favorites.

For the mocha, I love using chocolate agave syrup.  It has two ingredients–cocoa powder and agave–and tastes fabulous.  (Dare I say better than the regular syrup?)  I purchase an organic brand at our local SaveMart.  Between the anti-oxidants in the cocoa powder and the calcium in the milk, I feel almost virtuous!

Initially, I thought the lack of an espresso machine might stymy my efforts to make a satisfying home version of my cafe favorites. I have found the 9-ounce setting on my Keurig machine with a bolder brew produces a worthy stand-in.  About a cup of any strong coffee will do.

Healthier Homemade Cafe Mocha
  • about a cup of strong, hot coffee
  • 3/4 cup non-fat milk
  • 2 teaspoons chocolate agave syrup, or more to taste  (could substitute your favorite chocolate syrup if you cannot find the agave)
  • whipped cream, optional (although we’re losing healthy points here!)
  1. Heat milk in microwave until hot.  Pour into brewed coffee along with the two teaspoons chocolate agave syrup.  Stir well and enjoy!
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  2. Amee

    Ann, YUM! I have never seen chocolate agave, but now I MUST find some asap!! Thank you for sharing this on Fit and Fab! 🙂