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By Ann Fulton

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Sometimes, it’s all in the details.  Little things can be big things.  Simple ideas can make you happy, make something easier, make food taste better.  This week was full of big ideas!

 One of my favorite finds is a collection of homemade seasoning mixes from Della Rose Living.  I have my eye on the taco seasoning, but they all look great and eliminate the MSG and other additives often found in the seasoning packets from the grocery store.

The following looks like a keeper of a Margarita recipe.  Notice the clever combination of ingredients…and you can blend with ice for a frozen version!  Thanks to Gypsys Melting Pot and Sumptuous Spoonfuls for scouting this one out!

Who likes popcorn? There are big popcorn fans in my house and we have one of those vented plastic bowls which works great–and you can add a little butter. But how is this for a brilliant alternative to the purchased bags?  Kelly Thompson, Independent Pampered Chef Consultant, scouted out this great idea.

 To get your popcorn fix without microwave popcorn bag chemicals, without special gadgets & without oil, put 1/4c. of popcorn kernels in a brown paper bag. Fold over the top several times to make a tight seal. Microwave for 2 minutes or when the pops are 1-2 seconds apart.

Coincidently, I stumbled upon a brilliant way to steam veggies.  Yes, in my microwave popcorn popper!

Knead to Cook came up with this incredible Pistachio Amaretto Ice Cream that does not require an ice cream maker.  Love that!

I know there are a lot of agave lovers out there.  Have you seen chocolate agave?  There are just two ingredients: cocoa powder and agave.  The cocoa powder is full of anti-oxidants, so what’s not to love?  I have a few favorite uses for it, including my homemade Cafe Mocha.

Here’s something so simple yet so appealing from  What’s for Dinner? Ally’s Kitchen?.  You gotta love it when the queen of all things culinary can rock out a great pb&j!

As Ally says…Who needs grape jelly, anyway? Sometimes, the easiest things are the tastiest–and good for you, too!

Lunch today…I call this my “PB & Naked J Sammich”…large juicy black seedless grapes w/crunchy p’nut butter on oat bread…<<<<chomp chomp>>>>

Last but definitely not least, I was looking for a special drink, sort of last minute, and found perfection over at GroO New York!  Doesn’t this Peach Raspberry Swirl look great? A little Malibu Rum would make a tasty alternative to a Pina Colada!

Peach Raspberry Swirl:

1 cup (8 oz.) Unsweetened Original Almond Breeze® Almondmilk

1 cup frozen, unsweetened peaches, partially thawed

1 cup frozen, unsweetened raspberries, partially thawed

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  1. ally

    YOU are one clever girrrlleee!! Thank you for puttin’ my PB&J in here w/these great things! I wuzzzzzzzzz you! xoxo Ally 🙂