Egg & Avocado Toast

By Ann Fulton

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The simplest of ingredients unite for a filling, wholesome meal that satisfies any time of day. (And don’t miss the avocado tips!)


A wooden lazy Susan sat in the center of my family’s kitchen table when I was young. It was fun to whirl around, and since little hands could give big spins, the contents frequently set sail.

Any mess was moderate, as the only things stored on that lazy Susan were napkins, salt and pepper shakers, and a small, see-through sugar bowl—with a secure lid. The sugar bowl held brown sugar, and it wasn’t there for coffee or tea, as one might expect. My family ate cold cereal every single weekday, and for years, we sprinkled a spoonful of sugar overtop.

In those days, no one questioned the use of sugar, and we consumed it without a second thought. Somewhere along the way, my parents realized it was an indulgence we could do without, and that sugar bowl disappeared, never to be seen again.

Though we slowly adjusted to a less-sweet start to the day, beginning the day with something sweet became a comfortable habit for me—even well into adulthood. When I started The Fountain Avenue Kitchen blog nearly five years ago, it occurred to me that lots of people prefer a savory breakfast, or at least a little day-to-day variety.

The four fluffy chicks my son received for a birthday present around the same time gave me further reason to look beyond the cereal box and our favorite baked oatmeal recipes. The steady supply of eggs with their deeply golden yolks was a pleasure to use. And as I cracked those eggs into frittatas, omelets, and eggs-in-a-hole, a funny thing happened: I began to truly look forward to a breakfast without sugar. (Full disclosure—I haven’t actually lost my sweet tooth and wholesome baked oatmeals still make regular appearances.)

Over the years, I’ve devised countless ways to enjoy these protein-packed orbs. One of my favorites pairs a single egg with creamy avocado and crunchy toast. Served alongside seasonal fruit of choice—or simply by itself—it’s a quick and satisfying meal that can be eaten by hand.

For many years, I subbed a thin slice of ham or some crumbled bacon for my avocado-averse children. But when a newfound love of guacamole showed them that they liked avocados after all, they happily accepted my original version, with or without the added meat.

Though it requires a small amount of cooking, this easy breakfast is still quite quick. The bread can be toasted while the egg is frying, and the avocado can be mashed directly on the crispy toast with the simple aid of a dinner fork. It’s a meal that can be made almost as easily for four as it can be for one.

You can cook your egg any way you like. My favorite way is over-medium, so the yolk is cooked fairly well but retains a hint of goopiness. That way, I can spread it around as a tasty sauce, but it’s not dripping all over when I try to eat it. If you prefer a runny yolk, go for it, but you might want to use a fork and knife. When my mom delivered a batch of homemade deviled eggs last summer, I serendipitously realized the quick and delicious option one of those could afford. Just slice and evenly distribute over the toast.


Avocado Tips:

  • Always make sure the little piece of stem is still in tact. When it’s missing, air is able to enter the avocado and, by the time it’s ripe and you slice into it, the flesh is more likely to be spotted or brown.
  • Once ripe, avocadoes don’t keep for too many days at room temperature. To prolong the life of an avocado, place in the refrigerator as soon as it’s ripe. If you know you won’t use it for several days, put it in the fridge when it’s just a touch under ripe.
  • There are countless theories on how to keep an avocado from browning once cut, and I think I’ve tested them all! The method I think works the best is to allow the cut avocado to sit on the counter, uncovered, for 15-20 minutes after cutting it. In theory, this allows a thin skin to form, which serves as an extra protective layer. After 15-20 minutes, place a piece of plastic wrap directly on the flesh of the cut portion (eat the half without the pit first, as the area under the pit will stay bright green). The surface will brown somewhat, but the avocado underneath will stay fresh and taste great.
  • Update: THIS TRICK FOR KEEPING AN AVOCADO FROM BROWNING is the best yet. Works for guacamole too!
The simplest of ingredients unite for a filling, wholesome meal that satisfies any time of day. (And don't miss the avocado tips!)

My favorite way of topping the avocado toast is with an egg that’s cooked just short of over-hard.  That way, there’s just a hint of goopiness that can be spread around yet you can still use your hands without becoming a drippy mess!

The simplest of ingredients unite for a filling, wholesome meal that satisfies any time of day. (And don't miss the avocado tips!)

A hard boiled egg can be used, although if you’re lucky enough to have leftover deviled eggs, slice one of those for a real treat!

The simplest of ingredients unite for a filling, wholesome meal that satisfies any time of day. (And don't miss the avocado tips!)
Egg & Avocado Toast
Yield: 1 serving
  • 1 slice whole grain bread (use gluten-free if needed)
  • ⅓ -½ of a ripe Haas avocado (precise amount depends on personal preference and size of avocado)
  • Cooking spray, olive oil or butter for pan
  • 1 large egg
  • Kosher salt and black pepper to taste
  • Optional extras: hot sauce or salsa; slice of vine-ripened tomato; ham or cooked bacon; fresh basil and/or chives
  1. Toast the bread (I like it crunchy both for the texture and ease of eating by hand), and then spread with the avocado (I lightly mash it with a fork, but you can slice it if preferred). Spray or place a teaspoon or two of oil or butter in a small, nonstick skillet and fry the egg as desired. (Or use scrambled, poached, sliced hard-boiled or leftover deviled egg.)
  2. Place the prepared egg over the avocado, sprinkle with salt and pepper and any optional extras. You may prefer to place some of the optional toppings, like the tomato slice or ham, under the egg instead of on top.
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  1. Heidi Weidler

    This has become an all time favorite breakfast of mine! I never tire of it! 3 simple ingredients and with all the protein in the egg and avocado, I’m full easily until lunch. thank you Ann.

  2. Elaine

    Made this for breakfast today and it is delicious! I added a handful of arugula to get a veggie serving and it added a nice, peppery crunch. I also appreciate the avocado tips. Thanks Ann.

    1. Ann Post author

      Hi Elaine, I love how simple and satisfying this is, too…and good job getting that extra veggie serving first thing in the morning!