Grilled Pesto Veggiewich

By Ann Fulton

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Years ago, I ate my first “veggiewich” at a restaurant and I was hooked.  Vegetables never tasted so delicious yet made such a hearty meal.  My home version incorporates my Asiago Pesto Spread, although your favorite pesto would be perfect.

This time, I used leftover Balsamic Dijon Grilled Vegetables and fresh mozzarella cheese. Havarti with dill is another good choice.  Using this 3-ingredient marinade for the vegetables is another favorite. By simply grilling some extra veggies one night, you can have a casual, quick, round-two dinner that is sure to please.

For details on how to grill the vegetables, click on the above link for Balsamic Dijon Grilled Vegetables….but don’t forget about the versatile 3-ingredient marinade. : )

Grilled Pesto Veggiewich
The suggestions below are just that. Feel free to use any combination of grilled–or even roasted–vegetables and mix up the cheese and extra toppings as desired.
  • grilled vegetables such as zucchini, eggplant, portobellos, asparagus, carrots. and onions (Leftovers are fine.)
  • multi grain bread, or a hearty bread of choice (I like to use Ezekiel’s sprouted multigrain bread.)
  • pesto, homemade or purchased
  • olive oil
  • mozzarella, havarti with dill, or another cheese of choice
  • tomato slices, sprouts, spinach
  1. Brush one side of bread slices with olive oil. On the non-oiled side, spread the pesto, and then layer grilled veggies, tomato or other optional vegetables, and a thin layer of cheese to cover.
  2. Place another piece of bread on top, olive oil-side up, and grill in a panini press for about three minutes or on a stove-top skillet or grill pan until both sides are golden and the cheese is melted.
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The Fountain Avenue Kitchen

Perhaps my favorite marinade of all time is also the easiest.  This plateful of colorful veggies was made using a marinade with three simple ingredients.

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  5. Randy

    I don’t have a panini grill so I use my G. Foreman grill. If you don’t have one most of the time you can pick one up for around $5 at a 2nd hand store.

  6. Jennifer

    I love using my little indoor grill to make panini’s and this one looks awesome! I saw this on Amee’s Fit and Fabulous Fridays. I’m going to give your pesto a try too. I’ve been looking a good recipe for a while now; my basil plant is getting humongous and I’ve never tried making my own pesto before!

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