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Ann Fulton

By Ann Fulton

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And the winner is…..PAULA CLARK HOPKINS!!!!  Thank you to all who participated.  I wish you all a wonderful holiday season and much health and happiness in the new year!   

Can you believe it’s December already? Thanksgiving is over and Hanukkah is under way; which also means that it’s officially shopping season!  In fact, today is Cyber Monday, the busiest online shopping day of the year.  So, I was thrilled to be able to join with a group of my favorite food bloggers to give away a little extra spending money this holiday season.  A little?  Actually, it’s a lot!  It’s $600!  We truly appreciate and love all of our readers, so this is one of those times where it is truly more fun to give than receive.  

All you have to do is enter through the Rafflecopter link below and tell us what you would do with an extra $600 this holiday season.  Once you comment, you will have over 50 other chances to enter. The giveaway runs from December 2-15, 2013 and one winner will be chosen and notified on December 16, 2013. Please read the complete Terms & Conditions as this giveaway is only valid for U.S residents only (I apologize to all of our overseas readers.  The rules of the gift card company prohibit us from offering this outside of the U.S.).




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  1. AvatarSharon Ghee

    I would buy my grandkids (two sets of twins) some clothes for Christmas. Happy holidays and thanks for making these opportunities available!

  2. AvatarMarilu Garofola

    I would love to give the extra cash to a friend from high school battling stage 4 cancer as her husband battles stage 2. With two children to support they need all of the help they can get.

  3. AvatarDebra Bour

    I would take my wonderful husband out for a nice dinner and spoil all five grandchildren even more rotten than they already are. Great kids.

  4. AvatarDawn

    I would use the money to treat my family to the best Christmas! They have always been there for me in good and hard times and I would love to pay it forward to them!

  5. AvatarChristine

    My mini pig outgrew our ability to lift her into tub so I would buy her a portable dog bath:) I’m starting culinary school in a month and would buy a new set of pans.

  6. AvatarAriella

    It would help with the birthday parties I have to throw in December! My son turns 1 on 12/7 and my daughter turns 4 on 12/29. We try very hard to seperate their birthdays from all the holiday craziness and make them extra special!

  7. Avatarkris

    I would use it to to take all 6 of my grandchildren to any special Christmas functions, like Christmas candylane in Hershey, or the older ones to Mary Poppins at the Fulton. Their parents aren’t able to do something like that, and I think it would be memorable for them.

  8. AvatarJudy H

    I would use it to buy Christmas gifts and to help pay some bills. I used to get a Christmas bonus but no longer eligible because I am a part-time employee.

  9. Avatarnora glover

    I would catch up on a couple of bills and use the rest to have a great christmas get together with my friends and family!

  10. AvatarSusan Costley

    I would pay the overdue electric bill and the overdue water bill as my daughter doesnt get her first pay check until after Christmas. If there was anything left I would fill her gas tank and get something for her 4 children.

  11. AvatarEveline Hershberger

    I would use it to help pay bills. I know this isn’t the most exciting answer, but it is very important to take care of your responsibilities. Thank you for the chance to win this!

  12. AvatarPolly thompson

    I’d buy an airline ticket to my parents for Christmas. My mom has dementia and I would like to have some time with her over the holidays before the opportunity is gone

  13. AvatarRose

    I would buy a set of new pots that could actually work on my induction cooktop after I use the rest of the money to finish paying for the induction cooktop.

  14. AvatarDanielle

    I’d use a lot of the money to pay bills and use the rest for daily living expenses. Thanks for this giveaway chance!

  15. AvatarSharon J

    Would help my grand daughter prepare for her first baby…crib, car seats, diapers, along with a couple date nights out for the proud parents.

  16. AvatarChristine Weadick

    I would do some shopping, money is very tight this year and this would just help make Christmas this year……