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By Ann Fulton

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What do you grab when you have the munchies before mealtime or when you end up with last-minute dinner guests?  Nuts and cheese make for convenient and satisfying choices, and a bag of frozen edamame, quickly boiled, is perfect to bolster the mix when company arrives.

My husband’s family has always been a cheese-and-cracker crowd, and my in-laws have always been good at introducing new varieties with their distinctive flavors and textures. Sometimes, the tastiest and most convenient hors d’oeuvre options don’t require a recipe.

Flash back to last year:  I traveled on a “Flavor Journey” with Sargento Cheese where I, along with several other bloggers, followed the top 10 food trends, as identified by celebrity chef Rick Bayless, and developed recipes around those trends.  It was a fun year, and it’s a privilege to be starting another project working alongside my friends at Sargento.

Sargento recently launched Tastings, a line of specialty cheese snacks that includes diverse options such as New Zealander, Fiesta Pepper Jack, Aged Wisconsin Cheddar, and Parmentino.  The eight varieties range in size from 3.25 to 3.95 ounces and carry a suggested price of $2.69 each, making them an affordable way to sample new varieties.

When family came over for a very last-minute dinner the other evening, this is exactly what I pulled out.  I took a picture to illustrate that keeping it simple is ok…and I do it, too!  Although designed for snacking, these wedges are also ideal for a quick grate over salad, soup, or a casserole and come in handy when you don’t have a pre-shredded option on hand.

I thought this was also a fitting time to look back on some of the cheesy recipes I created last year, like this prosciutto-wrapped grilled cheese stick appetizer (that proved to be quite a hit!) or these ridiculously easy (but also much-loved) cheese crisps.

What is your go-to cheese?  And what do you like to eat and serve as a pre-dinner bite?


Dad brought Pinot Grigio!

Cheese Crisps…a delightful and super-speedy addition to a cheese plate.

Cheese Crisps…a delightful and super-speedy addition to a cheese plate.


Prosciutto Wrapped Grilled String Cheese is another fun appetizer option. (For the easy recipes, click on photos.)

And finally, to see a sampling of the flavor trend recipes, visit this Pinterest board:

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  1. Beverley

    They all look very nosh able ! I munch on plain crackers, fruit, yogurt and frozen bananas but not at the same time xoxo