Easy Egg & Guacamole Breakfast Pizza

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Chances are good that if you make guacamole for a crowd, the serving bowl will be scraped clean. But if you make it for your family, you may have some leftovers. This breakfast pizza is the reason I make guacamole without waiting for a party. Anyone remember those old commercials for Doublemint Gum? Well, in this case, leftovers definitely double the pleasure!

Breakfast pizza seemed like an appropriate name given the eggs, but I usually make these for a quick but super satisfying dinner. Truly, this pizza tastes great any time of day. I recommend my Classic Guacamole as the “sauce”, but your favorite store-bought variety can absolutely be used. In a pinch, just mash a ripe avocado with a squeeze of lime juice. With the egg and avocado combination, you can’t go wrong.

Easy Egg & Guacamole Breakfast Pizza
This recipe works as well with a standard pizza crust as it does a pita or flatbread. Simply proportionately increase the amount of toppings for a larger crust.  For a little extra flavor, sprinkle the crust with cheddar, mozzarella or your favorite Mexican cheese blend prior to toasting.

1 personal size pizza
  • 1 pocketless pita, naan or small flatbread, toasted
  • 1/2 cup [guacamole|https://fountainavenuekitchen.com/classic-guacamole/] (you can eyeball this*)
  • 2 eggs, scrambled (or 1 fried egg)
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Optional toppings: crumbled bacon, diced red pepper, diced tomato, salsa, chopped fresh cilantro or parsley, sliced scallions or snipped chives
  1. Spread the guacamole on the toasted pita and top with the cooked eggs and optional toppings of choice.
  • *For a speedy option to the guacamole, mash 1/2 cup avocado with a teaspoon (or more to taste) of lime juice.
The Fountain Avenue Kitchen https://fountainavenuekitchen.com/

Egg & Guacamole Breakfast Pizza

This recipe for Classic Guacamole is an easy crowd pleaser : )

Classic Guacamole

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