Millet Breakfast Porridge

In Breakfast Foods, Gluten-Free Options, Grains & Legumes, Healthy Options
by Ann on 29/05

Since I recently introduced millet into the repertoire of grains included on this website, I felt compelled to include a few tasty ways to use it!  I began… Read More »

Asian Beef Skewers (or Whole Flank Steak)

In Beef, Gluten-Free Options, Grilling
by Ann on 26/05

I’m the type of person who thinks about dinner as I am eating breakfast.  So, it may not be surprising that I ponder what to cook for the… Read More »

Spring Millet Salad

In Gluten-Free Options, Grains & Legumes, Healthy Options, Salads, Vegetarian
by Ann on 25/05

As I continue to experiment with recipes using millet, I have made variations of this simple salad incorporating a lemony vinaigrette as well as a much-loved poppy seed dressing…. Read More »

How to Cook Millet…and a delicious salad recipe!

In Gluten-Free Options, Grains & Legumes, Healthy Options, Vegetarian
by Ann on 23/05

A few months ago, it occurred to me that I had never cooked millet.  Always one to use a variety of grains, it was time to add millet… Read More »

Baked Greens with Mushrooms and Blue Cheese

In Fruits & Veggies, Gluten-Free Options, Healthy Options, Side Dishes
by Ann on 21/05

As my garden grows and local market stands overflow with spring greens, I have been diving deeper into one of my two assigned food trends:  bitter greens.  For… Read More »

Rhubarb Streusel Muffins

In Breads & Muffins, Breakfast Foods, Gluten-Free Options
by Ann on 20/05

When short-lived, seasonal ingredients that you really enjoy become available, do you feel as though you have to eat them with abandon to get your fill?  With many… Read More »

Chicken and Spinach Parmesan Pizza

In Chicken, Pizza & Sandwiches
by Ann on 16/05

When we eat this pizza, I feel as though we are enjoying a gourmet pizza that took minutes to prepare.  It happens to be a favorite of my… Read More »

Three Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies

In Cookies & Candy, Desserts, Gluten-Free Options, Nuts & Nut Butters, Snacks
by Ann on 15/05

This recipe originally came from my friend Abby, who has a delightful blog called Manila Spoon.  Besides being incredibly easy, they are incredibly satisfying and grain free to boot. My… Read More »

Velvety Chocolate Mousse and a Guide to Unrefined Sweeteners by Chef Amber Shea Crawley

In Desserts, Kitchen Extras
by Ann on 14/05
Image 4

Whenever possible, I like to use natural sweeteners–pure maple syrup being a favorite–and try to limit overall sugars in general.  I do have a sweet tooth, so it… Read More »

Ginger Almond Rhubarb Bars with Coconut Crust

In Desserts, Gluten-Free Options, Nuts & Nut Butters, Snacks, The Gift of Food
by Ann on 11/05

Happy Mother’s Day!  Not only is the following dessert a favorite of my mother, the timing is ideal, as rhubarb’s short season is upon us.  If you haven’t… Read More »