Southwestern Confetti Coleslaw

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by Ann on 30/05
Southwestern Coleslaw Salad -- a healthy, mayo-free salad that's a good source of protein, too

Classic, creamy coleslaw is a perennial picnic and cookout favorite. Like potato salad and baked beans, coleslaw plays a popular supporting role on any plate starring fried chicken… Read More »

Dark Chocolate Jar Cakes

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by Ann on 27/05
Dark Chocolate Jar Cakes

Curling up with a new cookbook always feels like a treat to me.  When said book happens to be penned by a dear friend, is loaded with colorful photos,… Read More »

Gluten-Free Almond-Coconut Strawberry Shortcakes

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by Ann on 23/05
Almond Coconut Strawberry Shortcake -- healthy & gluten-free

Delving into my mom’s strawberry shortcake was a much-anticipated welcome to the local strawberry season when I was a kid. Mom always made her biscuit-like shortcake in a… Read More »

Folded Omelet for One with Lox, Shallot & Yogurt

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by Ann on 20/05
lox and yogurt omelet

My favorite New York City breakfast is quite simple: a fresh, chewy bagel with a shmear (to use proper deli lingo) of cream cheese and a layer of… Read More »

Make-Ahead Strawberry Rhubarb Breakfast Parfaits

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by Ann on 16/05
Strawberry Rhubarb Breakfast Parfaits

Everyone in my family likes to eat a good breakfast, but no one is willing to sacrifice precious minutes of sleep to prepare one before heading out the… Read More »

Strawberry Rhubarb Sauce

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by Ann on 13/05
Strawberry Rhubarb Sauce -- just 4 ingredients and so many ways to enjoy!

For many years, my maternal great-grandmother taught in a one-room Amish schoolhouse. That meant teaching all of the subjects to children in grades one through eight. No small… Read More »

Shrimp Creole

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by Ann on 09/05
Shrimp Creole -- easy to make and always a crowd-pleaser

Last week, I mentioned my tendency to file away recipes for the next season, holiday, or some such special occasion only to forget about them at the designated… Read More »

Easy Egg & Guacamole Breakfast Pizza

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by Ann on 06/05
Breakfast Pizza

Chances are good that if you make guacamole for a crowd, the serving bowl will be scraped clean.  But if you make it for your family, you may… Read More »

Classic Guacamole

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by Ann on 02/05
Classic Guacamole

I tend to tuck recipes away and wait for what I hope will be just the right occasion for my readers. This guacamole recipe, for instance, has been… Read More »

Crunchy Amaranth Granola Rounds

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by Ann on 29/04
Crispy Amaranth Granola Pucks

I loved to collect the mail when I was a child.  The thought of a special letter or magazine waiting for me fueled the anticipation.  Now, letter writing… Read More »