One Dish Baked Fish Marinara

In Casseroles, Easy Meals, Gluten-Free Options, Healthy Options, Seafood
by Ann on 12/02

Time is often short around dinnertime, but we still need to eat, right?  By no means is this recipe gourmet, but it is one I often reach for… Read More »

Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries and other Valentine Treats

In Cookies & Candy, Frozen Treats, Fruits & Veggies, Holidays, The Gift of Food
by Ann on 11/02

Can it be that Valentine’s Day is this week?  Wasn’t it just New Years…Thanksgiving for that matter??  Where does the time go? In addition to Valentine’s Day, February… Read More »

Pat’s Seared Sesame Chicken

In Chicken, Easy Meals, Gluten-Free Options
by Ann on 10/02

For a fun Valentine’s Day option, slice boneless, skinless chicken breasts (this works best with the tender still attached) horizontally without going the whole way across. You will want… Read More »

Raspberry Vanilla Muffins

In Breads & Muffins, Breakfast Foods, Desserts, Gluten-Free Options, Snacks
by Ann on 07/02

I often think of these tasty muffins around Valentine’s Day because of their pinkish hue. Conveniently, they rely on frozen berries, so these muffins are ideal throughout the… Read More »

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Granola with Quinoa

In Breakfast Foods, Gluten-Free Options, Grains & Legumes, Healthy Options, Make/Prep-Ahead Recipes, Nuts & Nut Butters, Snacks
by Ann on 05/02

This has been the winter that just keeps on giving!  Snow, bitter cold, freezing rain…repeat! The kids have been off school so many days that even they don’t… Read More »

Chewy Almond Chocolate Chip Granola Bars

In Cookies & Candy, Gluten-Free Options, Grains & Legumes, Healthy Options, Kitchen Basics, Make/Prep-Ahead Recipes, Nuts & Nut Butters, Snacks
by Ann on 03/02

For those who know me or have followed The Fountain Avenue Kitchen for a while, you know I have cooked a lot of oatmeal.  Several years ago, I… Read More »

Buffalo Wing Hummus

In Appetizers, Dips, Dressings, Sauces & Salsas, Gluten-Free Options, Grains & Legumes, Healthy Options, Make/Prep-Ahead Recipes, Snacks, Vegetarian
by Ann on 31/01

Depending on one’s perspective, the lure of Super Bowl Sunday might be the good eats, funny commercials, big-name halftime show or, of course, the football!  Whether you are… Read More »

Warm Broccoli Salad with Fried Garlic

In Fruits & Veggies, Healthy Options, Make/Prep-Ahead Recipes, Salads, Side Dishes, Vegetarian
by Ann on 29/01

This bright green side dish is a recipe I made often in the early years of my marriage after stumbling upon Ina Garten’s very first cookbook.  While she… Read More »

Chicken, Butternut Squash and White Bean Soup

In Chicken, Gluten-Free Options, Grains & Legumes, Healthy Options, Make/Prep-Ahead Recipes, Soups
by Ann on 27/01

After 12 fabulous years, I recently said farewell to the only car my almost 12-year-old son ever knew.  Even my 15-year-old son hardly remembered the car that preceded… Read More »

Slow Cooker Roundup

In Roundups, Slow Cooker
by Ann on 24/01

There is something so satisfying about coming home to the aroma of dinner slowly cooking itself  to perfection!  If you are like several of my friends who have… Read More »